is the leading online resource center for finding, understanding, and applying for government based grants and low-income programs available for individuals and families in need. There are literally hundreds of government grants and low income programs available to help needy families, but they aren't always easy to find. Makes Finding Funding Easy provides an Online Packet of information about how, when and where to apply for a wide variety of low income programs available throughout the country. is not affiliated with the government, and because we are here to help, there is no scavenger hunt required to find grants for qualified applicants. Our Online Packet offers all of the information you need, in a user-friendly manner, to easily locate and apply for different programs.

Simply fill out the application, and if you are approved (determined eligible for low income programs and government grants) there will be a one-time fee of only $12, which will provide unlimited access to the Online Packet.

Section 8 Consolidation Program Provides Even More Funding for Qualified Applicants

In addition to providing access to government based grants, has developed The Section 8 Consolidation Program to offer money to deserving individuals or families in need. Through the Section 8 Consolidation Program, qualified applicants can receive cash grants up to $400. This unique program is funded by's eSales division, which allows clients to work from home through Online Packet referrals. There is a public application process to be part of the Section 8 Consolidation Program, which allows users to view applicants and see who has been granted a stimulus in the past.

Contact today to learn more about how the Section 8 Consolidation Program can help families in need.

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